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We are improving the quality of so many lives, while building health – physically and mentally AND building financial wellness.
Its a true win – win

What are you at heart? Entrepreneur or Employee?

Have you tried ALL the things when it comes to building an online biz? Or maybe you’ve never tried because you don’t even know where to begin? It’s totally OK if you’ve been there!!

Maybe there’s a little piece of you that’s given up, maybe you’re even thinking this works for others but it’s likely not for me.

I’m here to tell you… Don’t quit just yet!

So many of our team came to us when they felt like they’d reached the end of the road. In fact, for some it was a last ditch attempt before totally throwing in the towel. But, with a simple online system, a brand new category in wellness, and perfect timing people are getting crazy results.

And today my team is sharing the exact process we use to help people go from stuck to THRIVING online.

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Timing Is Critical And The Time Is Now!

When an opportunity is in “momentum”, THAT is the perfect time. Our company has just hit momentum. Timing is critical in most any company you join and while you can always find success in most any company if you put in the work, joining a company during a key growth phase may help maximize your success as well as others.

Exactly What IS Mental Wellness?

Discover a company that features a complete product line of revolutionary gut-brain-heart axis nutrition, all-natural holistic support solutions for specific areas of mental & Physical wellness, and pure and potent daily essential nutrients. The products are created and formulated using only the best aspects of both ancient traditions and modern scientific principles.

The products are the World’s First Award-Winning Gut-Brain Axis, Clinically Studied Nutrition System today!

I Am Interested. So What Do I Do To Get Started?

Becoming a wellness partner and offering these revolutionary products to your friends and customers is only $70 Per Year.

Do I Have To Purchase Products?

You do NOT have to purchase products for yourself in order to be a Wellness Partner.

However, From a marketing stand point, it is always advantageous to be a product of your products.

Our most successful Wellness Partners BY FAR start begin their business with The Launch Pack. This is not an empty statement, but backed by HUGE amounts of data. Those that go full in on their new business tend to hit the road at breakneck speed and come out quickly on top.

90% of the globe have challenges that can be addressed by subscribing to our products. Who do you know (including  children) with issues such as Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Chronic Pain, ADHD, IBS/Colitis, Focus Issues, Sleeplessness, Mood Shifts, Fatigue, GI issues, acid reflux, fibromyalgia, headaches, celiac, allergies, and so many other life affecting issues. Are You on the list? 

Subscribe to products and let your story build your business.

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The compensation plan rewards Wellness Partners through commissions, incentive trips, cause trips, leadership retreats, and much more. Finances play a major role in mental wellness. Our compensation plan is designed to empower you to have greater financial freedom.

What Else Do I Get When Starting This Business?

1.) You will be added to 2 customer retention Facebook groups. 1 of these groups is for potential customers, and within this groups are questions and comments and success stories. The other is for your customers, and here they will find recipes and tips and more success stories

2.) You will be added to the Digital Empire Blueprint Facebook group. Here you will receive immeasurable support pertaining to starting and growing this aspect of your business

3.) You will added to a website training center called Social Swagger. This training center has a membership fee of $9,997. this training center is FREE for all Wellness Partners WITHIN OUR GROUP TIER ONLY. (Here is sneak peek) This training center will THOROUGHLY train you to use Social Media to build your business. The knowledge within can be re-configured to also help you build your romance business (using 2 different Facebook business pages)

4.) The most engaged, hands on, supportive, community driven, genuinely dedicated to helping others team of entrepreneurs you will ever have the pleasure to meet and grow successful with.

Discover The Power Of One

Your Fundamentals Pack

The World’s First Award-Winning Gut-Brain Axis, Clinically Studied Nutrition System today!

MentaSync. From The Fundamentals Pack

Optimizing the communication between your brain and your gut.

MentaFocus. From The Fundamentals Pack

Supercharge your brain with key phytonutrients

MentaBiotics. From The Fundamentals Pack

Unique & specific probiotic strains targeted to enhance overall wellness

Recommended Overall Health Packs

The Fundamentals

Get your hands on the World’s First Award-Winning Gut-Brain Axis, Clinically Studied Nutrition System today!

The Fundamentals Plus

Comprehensive nutrition for all three brains — the gut, brain and heart — the FundaMentals Pack PLUS is designed to target and support the primary physiological drivers of mental wellness.

Project b3™

A fit body begins with mental wellness, and the key to a healthy brain is the gut microbiome. Body. Brain. Biome. Project b3.

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