I don’t know about you, but I know for me I was always looking for a way that I could help

July 17, 2020


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I don’t know about you, but I know for me I was always looking for a way that I could help, a way to make a difference. You watch the news and you see restaurants delivering food to the medical workers, peeps making masks, landlords letting months slide.
I am a computer geek! What the heck can I do?

But last night I was sifting through comments and testimonials in a group I belong to due to taking this health journey concentrating on the gut/heart/brain that I am a part of.

I thought I realized how much good this system is doing (For Me, and for others), how many pains this system can address – but in reality, I have only touched the surface.
Pain, poor sleep, moodiness, low energy, mind and body wellness, focus, anxiety, IBS, optimized immune system, weight loss, tension, depression, anger, fatigue, vigar, libido, creativity and cognitive function, skin conditions, gluten conditions (and more I know I am missing)!?

So in looking at these comments and testimonials I realized – Yo, I AM doing something to help. I am working to spread the word about this company that has developed the world’s first and only products formulated to specifically support the gut-brain & now the gut-heart-brain axis, and in doing that – I am making a profound difference in so many lives. https://freehealthassessment.mytwobrains.life

Reading stories like

….. “I am deeply grateful for these products. They have changed our trajectory. I am no longer fearful of growing older and the inevitable decline and probability of a huge disease diagnosis that was always lurking in the back of my mind. I know that by keeping our guts healthy and continuing to implement small changes in other areas of our lives, we will live with health and vigor will into our later years”

…”About 6 months ago, a trusted colleague who is a Naturalistic Doctor introduced me the importance of the Gut-Brain Axis for mental wellness. I started using the Fundamentals, Mood, Sleep and Energy and I have never felt better! My mind is clear and focused, anxiety is minimal, I sleep better than I have in years, and my gut health is amazing!”

…”If I hadn’t taken the leap and invested in my health with the fundamentals I don’t know where I’d be. I do know it wouldn’t be good! ….I’m sharing this because I pray that it will help someone who’s been searching…and through all of my own experience I hope to save someone the pain and frustration of that journey. I feel alive again… I have hope and I am forever grateful.”

Wow! Right!?

And these are 3 out of 100’s.

Drop me an “Invite Me” in the comments and I can contact you to invite you to one of these groups where you can read all of these messages. Search using a keyword that descibes a challenge you might be going through and I can almost guarantee that you will find a comment pertaining to that challenge.

I feel so blessed to be a part of a team that is really making a difference in peoples lives. And in these times we are going through right now, what better way to server is there than to help people maintain their health, get stronger, and be well.

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You can contact me at http://m.me/dereksebrown with any questions, to be invited to our comments and testimonials group, or to take our free wellness survey.

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