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An Intro To The Video Above...

I want to start by introducing one of our panel members who is on here with us today, she’s a fellow health coach. We have many conversations around the old stuff that were taught in health coach school and how we need to innovate and make things relevant to today’s time and market.

So here we are, we’re the co-leaders in innovation. We believe to stay relevant; you have to constantly be innovating. We’re both graduates from IIN, we’re both health coaches, we’re both top leaders in the mental wellness company and we’re growing and supporting teams of health and wellness entrepreneurs, helping to innovate the old ways of the health professionals.

The Outdated Health Coach Approaches

I got started in health and wellness about 10 years ago, this was my business plan that everyone’s looking at here. It was my business plan and it was also my health plan.

If you’re just a wellness professional, then you recognize a lot of the terms on here such as bio-individuality.

That’s one of the main things that I was taught in health coaching school that I would apply for myself as well, and there’s nothing wrong with bio-individuality, right? It’s about finding the approach that works best for you but it’s an outdated way of teaching people I think, of how they can take their health to the next level. Three to six months programs, this is one of the reasons why I got out of using the health coaching model because running three to six-month programs to me was extremely stale and boring. I was bored health coaching people for six-month periods of time. And what I found too is they were investing all this time and money, but they weren’t getting the results that they were hoping for.

As a health professional when somebody signs up to work with you, what’s the number one thing you want them to get? Like, what’s the number one thing you want people to get? Its results. So when somebody’s giving you six months of their life and paying you money and you’re not getting them the results, it doesn’t feel very good as a professional right?

We have a therapist on our panel today, which I’m excited for you guys to hear from. I’m not saying these things don’t work, we’re saying that they’re not the most relevant and quickest way for our people to get results.

Here's how health coaches and professionals are taking a brand new and proven approach to stay relevant to make a massive impact.

Because if you’re in the health and wellness industry, it’s most likely because you want to make a massive impact, right?

So what we know now is that focusing on your gut-brain axis is where it’s at. This is where people are getting true legit results, brain optimization, and mental wellness. So we’re not focusing on diets anymore; we’re focusing on mental wellness and we’re also looking at functional foods supplementation, which is not what we were taught as health coaches.

I was in a 2012 class, and I think the class before me, and they did not talk about the gut-brain axis or supplementation when we were going to school. I now know that the current teachings of our program which was Institute for Integrative Nutrition, they now have a specific program focused on the gut-brain axis and for supplementation so we have to stay current.

The other thing that we know works really well right now is helping to generate neurotransmitters which is all 80 to 90% generated in the gut. So those are your feel-good hormones, how to help people have more stress resilience, how to help people that have anxiety and depression, how to have people get their dopamine up so they have more motivation.

Did anybody catch 60 minutes last night— that was insane— So timely, right? They were talking about the microbiomes and that’s what we want to talk about today. They were saying how the microbiomes are what’s going to determine your cravings.

So if you’re in the health and wellness industry, you want to know this information.

Beth do you want to just quickly take the lead, and then we’re going go round-robin and people introduce who they are and what their background is.

But tell us why you started focusing on your gut-brain axis and the microbiomes, personally.

Watch the complete video above for full information

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