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Welcome To My Story

Hi there! I am Deryk B. Thanks for coming to read my story.

My story actually starts back in 2010 when I met my wife, Ginny.

It was a whirlwind! We connected right away, and about 3 months after we met we moved to Aurora Colorado.

Ginny mainly suffered from severe Fibromyalgia brought on my 3 strokes, as well as  IBS/Colitis.

We felt lucky to have moved to Colorado where we discovered they have dedicated pain centers that cater to her exact situation, however,

The prescriptions that she has been put on over the years ranged anywhere from $400 – 600 a month! These prescription caused (side effects) gas, bloating, sleeplessness, and irritability. So she was basically finding relief from the majors, and dealing with the minors.

You finally get to a point, I think, where you hunker down and just deal with what you have been dealt.

For myself, I have always been an athlete. I have always tried to eat right and exercise and keep myself in peak condition. I never understood or focused primarily on gut health, but I had trainers that did that without me really knowing it was happening.  I suffered from Colitis, for which I had prescription meditation, as well as stress and anxiety – I think because so much was laid on my shoulders as the “star” of my sports field. Over the past 5 years I developed severe migraines, constant cramps in my legs, insomnia, and weight loss.

Fast forward to June 2020. My sister sent me a video about the Gut Brain Axis and this new science that linked the gut, and the communication between the gut and the brain, to practically every ailment known to man.

My skepticism was off the charts, but as I watched and read the comments from her and her friends (one suffering from sickle cell, another suffering from Graves Disease), I decided there had to be something to this.

I put Ginny on the Fundamentals system and sat back to watch.

Here is my initial report once Ginny started taking the Fundamentals system – https://bit.ly/ginnysstorypart1

And here is a post I did 3 day later – https://bit.ly/Ginnysstorypart2

If you scroll up my timeline you will discover that shortly after watching Ginny come out of her fog of pain, comment on a daily as to how she is not bloated, using the bathroom everyday comfortably (as opposed to once a week painfully), and how much energy she feels, and much less stress and anxiety – I immediately ordered another system for myself.

About a week to 10 days later I was without my IBS pains and issues. 3-4 weeks later I realized I had not had a buzz, much less a migraine for this entire time. After a long drive I was amazed that I had not experienced any cramps. 

I was so thankful, and I was so sold!

Next, it became time to put our ADHD grandaughter on the Kids system. We are adding the Sleep product as well as she has high anxiety and trouble sleeping due to some trauma in her little life. We are anxious to witness the results and I will update this post/article when I have the good news.

There are literally 1000’s of stories within a couple of Facebook group that my team and the company maintains. I would be happy to invite you to these groups so that you can take a look and ask questions. You are very likely to find dozens of stories that will resonate with you and your unique situation.

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Why Am I Telling My Story?

Why Do I Need You To Hear It?

Because I need to be telling everyone I come in contact with, because I don’t want anyone saying why didn’t you show me this. Ignore me if you want, but for me – and with the state of the world – I just have to make sure everyone knows that this system gut/heart/brain protocol exists. This missing link that you don’t hear about in the main stream media. This system to optimize your internal systems,  and thus optimize the foundation of everything, your Mental Wellness.

Find Your Mental Edge

Mental wellness is the foundation for everything — focus, stress resilience, mental performance, pressure management, confidence, financial wellness, and physical performance.

Your Three Brains

YOUR GUT. YOUR BRAIN. YOUR HEART. Did you know that all three are interconnected and vital to your mental wellness?

Your Immune System

70 percent of the immune systemTrusted Source is housed in the gut, so making sure our digestive system is in tip-top shape can be key to addressing many of our bodily woes.


“I just want to thank you for finding me and introducing me to this system. It has been such a long time since I have felt this good! Physically AND Mentally”

Ginny W., Suffered from Fibromyalgia, IBS/Coilitis, Stress, Anxiety, & Sleeplessness.

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